Linked Docker Containers Table of Contents


In my previous blog I described in detail a working cloud network configuration automation portal, based on the Model/View/Controller methodology.  The configuration portal included a MongoDB NoSQL backend to maintain a dynamic configuration data archive. The previous blog is at: Base Automation Portal


This blog will mainly describe the process for converting the separate applications of my earlier (mentioned) blog into a single cluster (pod) of linked Docker containers.  In essence, this set of linked containers will function as a non-redundant pod. The next blog series will illustrate creating a truly redundant Kubernetes set of 2 pods, based on the same automation portal as contained in this single pod. This blog will not describe much detail about the theory of operation of the automation portal.  For theory of operation details, please see the Automation Portal Theory of Operation referenced above. 

Chapter 1:     Containerizing a Cloud Automation Portal : Intro

Chapter 2:     Containerizing a Cloud Automation Portal: Model/View Container

Chapter 3:     Containerizing a Cloud Automation Portal: Controller Container 

Chapter 4:     Containerizing a Cloud Automation Portal: NoSQL-MongoDB 

Chapter 5:     Containerizing a Cloud Automation Portal: Building, Linking and Running the Containers