From Dockerized Application to Kubernetes Service!

This series includes the documentation and code necessary to modify the Dockerfiles and MVC code (described in the immediately previous series) for deployment as containers in IBM Cloud K8s pods as a service, plus the code and method for creating a K8s YML deployment/service configuration file. This series also includes illustrations of the intra and inter-pod communication between the HTML client, the Python/Flask app, the Angularjs controller and the NoSQLbackend.

Note: Whereas the MVP_App fully developed the portal/automation and BGP speaking capability of the Python/Flask Model, this K8s series does not develop the Model’s backend BGP speaking capability for Kubernetes PODs applications. From the author’s point of view, communications between BGP speakers has a greater application with virtual and containerized infrastructure oriented appliances rather than with Kube POD objects. However, the application of BGP speakers in K8s PODs may depend on a  user’s requirements.

Chapter 1:     Scaling the App with Kubernetes

Chapter 2:     Kubernetes Yml Conf File

Chapter 3:     Model Code Changes

Chapter 4:     Controller Changes

Model Source Code Files

Controller Source Code Files

Mongo Source Code Files