Portal Automation – The Guide to Getting Started

Table of Contents


This begins an extensive series describing the activities necessary to completely configure an automation portal (network configuration tool portal) based on Model/View/Controller/NoSQL principals.  For the example lab in this series, I have created a completely Linux based virtual lab providing a portal for automating BGP black hole advertisement to full (Linux based) BGP speakers.

Please bear in mind that while this series specifically describes all the steps necessary to configure the virtual lab described above, the series is more significant in conveying all of the virtual lab foundational components and the general methodologies necessary to build a model-view-controller based automation portal.

Chapter 1: Introduction and Chapter Guide

Chapter 2: A Portal Application within MVC Architecture

Chapter 3: Foundational Installations

Chapter 4: Portal Framework Deepdive

Chapter 5: Lab Architecture and Toplogy

Chapter 6: MongoDB and the BGP Routes Data Base

Chapter 7: Lab BGP Operation

Chapter 8: Code Review

Chapter 9: Automation Portal Developers’ Tools

Addendum 1: Model Code

Addendum 2: View Code

Addendum 3: Controller Code