Lab Architecture and Topology

I advise that “first viewers” of this technical blog series begin with the initial posting at url:  Portal Automation Introduction

As initially stated:  …..each new post will describe configuring a subsequent step(s) in the (initially stated)agenda. I expect to be adding new posts for this series semi-weekly.
Refer to the illustration below. The virtual lab provides the functionality of:
  1. user portal
  2. dynamic route advertisement/withdrawal/refresh application
  3. DB service
  4. BGP route advertiser
The virtual lab is constructed from three virtual machines, in which:
  1. one virtual machine supports
    1. the necessary applications and
    2. dynamic BGP advertiser functionality
  2. two virtual machines provide the functionality of full BGP speakers.

The Portal operation description is described in a previous blog entry.  The application code will be described in detail in a subsequent blog entry.